EIT Food Seedbed 2022 Showcase Event in Warsaw - 18th November at 9 am – 5 pm

The EIT Food Seedbed Showcase Event, which will take place on November 18 (Friday) from 9:00 to 17:00 at the Faculty of Management at 1/3 Szturmowa Street in room B 205, will present 40 startups from all over Europe. The teams will present what they have managed to do during the program. Startups will be assessed by three expert panels consisting of representatives of the agri-food industry from Poland and abroad.


The Seedbed Incubator is a market validation programme that trains and supports teams over a six-month period to help them better understand the needs of their customers and validate their business ideas. Seedbed is designed for entrepreneurial teams who are developing innovative technologies set to make a big impact on any part of the food sector, including the way we produce, deliver, consume, recycle and dispose of our food.


The programme operates over five locations across Europe - Poland, Northern Ireland, Spain, Germany and Denmark. During May 2022, 60 teams received training over three 4-day online Bootcamps. During the 4-day online training Bootcamps, the teams received training on the following:

  • - Introduction to Verbal Business Card
  •  Introduction to Value Proposition and Business Model Canvas
  • Market Discovery and Testing Business ideas
  • Practicing Customer Conversations
  • Developing Market Discovery Action Plans
  • Pitching (focused on presenting initial assumptions and how they will test these)

On Day 4 of each Bootcamp, each team pitched to a panel who recommended teams to progress to Phase 2 of the Seedbed Programme and receive funding from EIT Food (6,000 EUR) to engage in a Market Discovery journey.

40 teams were selected to proceed to the Market Discovery phase of the programme, where each one of these teams was allocated to a Hub. Each Hub has been responsible for incubating these teams over a 6-month period (Jun-Nov), providing mentorship, access to training and continuously monitoring the teams’ engagement and performance throughout the duration of the programme.


The Final Showcase Event is the culmination of the teams Seedbed Journey where they will have the opportunity to reflect on their Market Validation journey and present their learnings and feedback from the market, including how they will use these learnings to help refine their Business Model and plan their future commercialisation roadmap.

In advance of the Final Showcase Event, teams have undergone a series of trainings to help them prepare for the event. The purpose of this presentation is not an ‘investor pitch’ but for the teams to tell the story of their Seedbed journey, what they have learnt and proposed next steps i.e. what Option will they follow.



You have 6 more days to register for the November “Pathways to Impact” course!

Are you a PhD researcher ready to change the world through your research?

Register today to the last cohort for 2022 in a rolling enrolment starting on 22nd of November 2022, if you want to:

  • learn how to change the world using your research
  • get an introduction to technology commercialisation
  • dive into EIT Food network of leading academic & industry partners
  • bring entrepreneurial skills into your work
  • boost your future career




“Entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial project management” University Diploma

Incubator of the University of Warsaw together with the Faculty of the University of Warsaw, implementing the first international program under the program of the 4EU + alliance.


Courses Studies in entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship are offered in cooperation with 4 universities:

  •     Of the University of Warsaw
  •     Sorbonne Universe (which is this year's main organizer)
  •     University of Milan
  •     University of Heildeberg
Series “Discover co-creation” - interactive online events

You are cordially invited to join “Discover co-creation,” a series of free interactive online events. The events present co-creation as a collaboration with consumers to develop food products and packaging. During the events, you will learn about the experiences of the EIT Food RIS Consumer Engagement Labs project and best practices in co-creation. The ideas, tools, and methods could inspire your Research & Development, New Product Design, and Marketing departments operating in the food sector. You may benefit from the event by learning about new and efficient techniques for designing new products.

Intensive Polish language course

The University of Warsaw is offering an unpaid 40-hour intensive Polish language course.

The course is aimed at preparing international students for livinglearningworking and enjoying living in Poland. Participants of the course will explore at the elementary level secrets of the Polish language and acquire knowledge of Polish culture essential to reside in Poland, eg. how to buy a ticket, order a coffee or lunch, how to find your way around UW and dealing with basic affairs and phrases essential for social life in Poland. This is a unique option to meet colleagues from all over the world before the start of the classes and feel confident with Polish before coming to University.

EU Horizon’s funding for the University of Warsaw InterHEI

Under the EIT HEI initiative, as a key objective of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), the “InterHEI” project coordinated by the Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw (holder of three prestigious accreditations: EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA – “Triple Crown”), lead by Mansour Esmaeil Zaei (project manager: Piotr Nawrocki), has been granted funding of 1.2 million euros to increase innovation and entrepreneurial capacity in higher education by building capacity across higher education institutions (HEIs) and young businesses in the area of food and health. 

Contest of best bachelor and master thesis. There's an award to win

We invite you to contest of best bachelor and master thesis on the theme of leadership and governance in the V4 countries Comparing Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Alternative Leadership Styles in the V4. There's a predicted award for winners - 500 EUR.

3rd International Scientific Conference Interdisciplinarity of Health and Healthcare

We have the pleasure to invite you to the 3rd International Scientific Conference Interdisciplinarity of Health and Healthcare, which will take place on 15th-16th September 2022 in Clinical and Didactic Center of the Medical University of Lodz and it will have a hybrid form (onsite/online). The Faculty of Management at UW is a co-organizer of the conference.

Open lecture about Venture Capital Relations

We invite you to an open lecture by prof. A. Tatarynowicz from Singapore Management University (SMU) entitled “Research at the Intersection of Venture Capital Relations and Interorganizational Networks”  on June 29 from 11.30 am - 13.00 am in room A 207.

Dr Laura Zoboli - has been awarded the MSCA fellowship

We are glad to report that our employee - dr Laura Zoboli - has been awarded the Marie Skłodowska-Curie (MSCA) fellowship from the European Commission - a very prestigious program with a success rate of around 10%.

Open day of the Master in Food Systems program

We invite you to the online open day of the Master in Food Systems on June 23st, 2022, at 02:00 p.m. During this event and Q&A sessions, you can get to know the Master of Food Systems program and people associated with it, learn about the specificity of the major, as well as learn about the rules of recruitment.

The first university business school in Poland wins "three crowns"!

We are very happy and proud to announce that we have obtained the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) accreditation, and thus we have obtained the so-called "three crowns".

Join us at FoM's open day!

We invite you to the online open day of the FoM on March 31, 2022, at 5:00 p.m. During this event and Q&A sessions, you can get to know the Faculty and people associated with it, learn about the specificity of the majors, as well as learn about the rules of recruitment.

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