Recruitment - International Business Program (full-time) - ENG


Level of study: second-cycle (master’s studies)
Form of study: full-time
Language of study: English
Duration: 2 years


Candidates are required to register online on the Internet Registration of Candidates – register here! and pay the application fee.


First round:  from 12th of August to 18th of September 2019.

Documents submission: to 25th of September 2019 at:


Recruitment Office, Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw
1/3 Szturmowa Street, 02-678 Warsaw
Ground floor; building C; (near the reception desk)
phone: (+48) 22 55 34 100
Monday - Friday: 10am - 6pm
Saturday: 10am - 2pm



Required documents:

  • recognized and/or legalized: higher education diploma (Bachelor, Master or equivalent Diploma) with sworn translation into Polish or English
  • admission application, containing a photo of the candidate, printed out from candidate’s individual registration account (from
  • a statement about familiarizing with the template of the contract for payment for educational services at the University of Warsaw (from
  • Transcript of Records (passed courses and obtained grades) from previous University
  • application for issuing student’s id printed out from candidate’s individual registration account (from
  • proof of payment for the student’s ID fee (22 PLN; Bank account no: 56 1160 2202 0000 0000 7648 6236; Title of payment: Your name and locution “Opłata za wydanie legitymacji”)

Additional informations


Foreigners - in addition:

  • confirmation of legalization of stay in the case of foreigners staying on the territory of the Republic of Poland,


From candidates holding a diploma issued abroad, in addition:

  • Certificate of higher education diploma in the form of legalization or apostille, (more information on this topic),
  • original sworn translations into Polish language or English language, of all the documents listed above or (in case of other than sworn translation) translation legalized by the Polish consul in the country where the documents were issued,
  • certificate of nostrification of the higher education diploma, if the document is subject to the obligation of nostrification (more information on this subject),
  • a certificate confirming that the obtained diploma of higher education entitles you to apply for admission to higher education or continuing education in any type of university in the education system in which the institution issuing the document operates, with a translation into Polish or English.  Sample certificate - can be downloaded here.


Additional information for foreigners


Admission rules:


The International Business Program is addressed to candidates holding first-cycle degree e.g. licencjat or B.A., engineering degrees or any other equivalent degrees.


Admission of candidates is based on:

  • an average of grades obtained during studies
  • a final previous studies grade

An average of grades obtained during studies and a final previous studies grade expressed in other scale will be adjusted to the scale in force at the University of Warsaw.


Candidates are obliged to present knowledge of English language certified by:

  • a certificate of proficiency in English (equivalent at least to the level B2)
  • IB or EB diploma
  • maturity certificate, if passed in English language
  • high school diploma or higher education diploma (Bachelor/Master) if language of instruction was English
  • exam at the University of Warsaw passed at B2 level
  • graduation diplomas of: studies in English philology, applied linguistics (English language section) or English teacher training college.


Information on documents certifying knowledge of English language. >> Check! <<


Helpful links:

Complete information on application and admission procedures as the University of Warsaw


Tuition fees per year

Payment in 1 instalment

Payment in 2 instalments

Payment in 8 instalments

4000 EUR


1st instalment - 2.100 EUR

2nd instalment - 2.100 EUR

1st-8th instalments - 550 EUR x 8

4.000 EUR

4.200 EUR

4.400 EUR




Kierownik studiów

dr Waldemar Kozioł


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Tel: 22/ 55 34 111 E-mail:

Dziekanat studiów

Telefon: (22) 5534138

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