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Isbn: 978-83-61276-60-9
Autorzy: Andrzej Sopoćko
Język: angielski
Rok: 2011

The intent of teh work was to share knowledge about the most popular financial instruments. The Author's idea was to control two specyfic threats. One of these is when people treat finacial market as the area of sophisticated, hardly understandable dealings which are very attractive. This often results in excessive trust in people beleived to be experts and in following their recommendations uncritically. Antoher threat lurks at the opposite side and stems from a beleif in having possessed the knowledge of finacial market on the basis of superficial and odd observations, unsupported by true understanding of its specific, often astonishing characteristics. In both cases serious amounts od money may be lost. The konowledge collected here should diminish teh risk of such losses. However it still accounts for only a portion of konowledge necessary to move with ease across the entire finacila market.

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